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SCK release liner

SCK  Release Liner

Super calendared Kraft release paper is also known as SCK release liner. It is among the most widely used release liner. It is manufactured by taking a highly calendared Kraft paper and coating one of its sides with silicone release agent. Due to the high amount of calendaring done on the paper, it is very flat and boasts of good physical properties. It is highly dense with a smooth and closed surface.

Super calendared Kraft paper is a very dense paper provides an excellent base for silicone coating in label application. With the uniform caliper, it has superior die cut ability.

SCK paper meets the challenging demands of today’s pressure sensitive application.

We make available SCK paper of different quality standards as per customer requirements.


  • High temperature-resistant
  • High-density
  • Flatness
  • Smooth surface
  • Size-stable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Good physical properties
  • Higher basis weight SCK have excellent rigidity and good die cutting properties


Max Width : 1600mm

Basic Weight arrange: 80g,100g,120g

Release value: as customer requested

Color : White / Yellow

Coating : one / two Side

Print service : acceptable , as customer requested printed on reverse side or under silicon

Silicon Release Liner Construction:

Silicon Release Liner Construction


  • Label stocks
  • Self Adhesive paper



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