Project Description

PET release liner

PET Release Liner

PET release liner is made of PET film coated with silicone release agent in a clean room coater. It is clean, with stable release, good residual adhesion with various kinds release ranges. It can also single coated, double coated, with antistatic, hard coat etc. It is most suitable for clear labels, liners for protective film, for cast film for green sheets, and as separator films.


Max Width: 1,600mm

Basic Weight arrange: 23-250mic

Release value: as customer requested

Color: Transparent,White,Red,Black,Blue

Coating: one / two Side

Print service: acceptable ( as customer requested printed on reverse side or under silicon )

Silicon Release Liner Construction:

Silicon Release Liner Construction


  • Tape
  • Label
  • MLCC
  • Die-cutting



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