On December 4,  alibaba holds a meeting in Hangzhou Hi-Tech Zone, it’s our pleasure to attend.

And in the meeting, they invite senior official to share about the website of ‘CHINA(HANGZHOU) CROSS-BORDER E-COMMERCE COMPREHENSIVE PILOT AREA ‘ which is focused on e-commerce services

They invite successful stories of online-businessman, best online-operator and customers who have cooperated for over 13 years, and they share stories one by one.

We,Hangzhou Newmax technology Sticker company has presented with at the ceremony which recognized the sales amount was worth more than ten million in last year.

In the past 13 years, our company built oversea trading department, having a fast growing sale. And then made a great investment in electronic commerce, and made the business grow fast. With believing and hard working, we meet more chance and online business resource on Alibaba’s leading platform, won the honor of Alibaba ten thousand business(Xiaoshan).

It is a great honor of our company and milestone in sales history.We believe we will achieve better and greater progress in the future

named CHINA(HANGZHOU) CROSS-BORDER E-COMMERCE COMPREHENSIVE PILOT AREA and they invite government senior officials to give a lecture in .