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About Newmax Tec

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether this is your first visit or just your most recent, we appreciate your interest. We hope that our website provides you with useful and interesting information about our company, our products, and our services.

Newmax sticker is the market leader with a great reputation for quality and reliable self-adhesive sticker products. Our main products including:

  • Self adhesive vinyl
  • PVC flex banner
  • PVC mesh
  • One way version sticker
  • Label sticker
  • The new products are added on a continuous basis

Since its start in 1998 as “Kaima Paper”, dealing with manufacturing and sales of duplex paper, folding box paper ,art paper, etc. Our company has expanded its business into self adhesive sticker products from 2014; we owned sticker production lines:

  • Hot melt sticker production line
  • Water-based sticker production line
  • Solvent base sticker production liner
  • Silicone coated line
  • PE coated line
  • Cutting machine
  • Packaging machine

Our promise to you:

  • Qualified quality with moderate price
  • Efficient communicate
  • Fast Delivery
  • Good after-sale service

Welcome to contact us for more information.

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